Partner of Parks is proud to support a number of programs in several broad categories that cater to every age and lifestyle. 
Additionally, Partners of Parks supports programs within the city, including the Lone Sailor Memorial Bench and Memorial Tree Programs. 

Here are just some of our many programs that we help support or sponsor. 

To learn more about a specific program and how you can help, contact our Executive Director via email at


Recreation Classes
Cultural Arts - 25,000
Out of School Time
Youth Sports
Youth Fitness
Youth Aquatics
Environmental Education
Youth Computer Education
Summer Food
Pre-School Programs/Classes
Adaptive Recreation


Recreation Classes
Cultural Arts
Out of School Time Teen Centers
Teen Sports
Teen Fitness
Teen Aquatics
Environmental Education
Teen Computer Education
Job Training/ Development
Adaptive Recreation Programs


Recreation Classes
Cultural Adults
Adult Sports
Adult Fitness
Adult Aquatics
Environmental Stewardship
Adult Computer Education
Job Skill Development


Recreation Classes
Cultural Arts
Senior Sports
Senior Fitness
Senior Aquatics
Environmental Stewardship
Senior Computer Education
6 Senior Centers