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THUMS Long Beach donates $20,000 to refurbishment of Silverado Park Community Center

THUMS Long Beach has donated $20,000 to Partners of Parks for the refurbishment of the Silverado Park Community Center. Silverado Park, located at 1545 W. 31st Street in Long Beach is a 22-acre site that includes baseball, softball, and soccer fields, as well as basketball, tennis and volleyball courts. Additionally, there are playgrounds, several picnic areas, and a heated indoor swimming pool. The park also has a community center with an auditorium and stage, and a gymnasium that offers year-round programming for kids, adults, and seniors.

The community center, constructed in the early 1950's has deteriorated over time, and because of City budget reductions over the last five years, the dollars designated to refurbish the facilities were cut. THUMS Long Beach stepped in to fund the building's much needed flooring, ceiling, paint, ventilation and lighting repairs, among others.

"Overall, the intent of the project is to refresh the building interior, making it more attractive, energy efficient, and safe," says Executive Director of Partners of Parks, Diane Wiley. "New floor tiles and paint will be selected and coordinated with an eye toward updating and bringing color to the interior. Additionally, the upgraded lighting fixtures and ventilation fans will help reduce energy consumption while providing better lighting and improved air circulation.

The first oil operation to inject reclaimed city water to help maintain reservoir pressure for waterflood recovery, THUMS received an Environmental Award for water injection program. To learn more, please visit  OXY/THUMS.

Silverado Park Community Center hosts a popular teen center.


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